Rosé Resurgence

When I think of summer wines, I think of an ice-cold, crisp Rosé.  It’s a natural choice after a long, hot day.  The first sip brings the taste of sunshine. 

Rosé has enjoyed a recent resurgence not only in Australia but apparently around the world; no surprises, it so neatly straddles the gap between white and red. 

Just a little nudge from its spiritual home of Provence and a Rosé ripple has spread across Spain, Italy, France, USA and Britain bringing with it a host of beautiful fruit-filled bottles of pinkness.  In summer we can simply not get enough yet I find myself still reaching for Rosé as the leaves of autumn turn and I attempt to squeeze the last drops of sunshine from the bottle.

The great thing about good, dry rosé is that mineral edge against the harmony of refreshingly crisp acidity. The right choice will awaken your taste buds and enhance whatever you’re eating, from barbecued meats to salads or seafood.


Marble Hill’s Sunset Rosé is made from Pinot Noir grapes rain-grown in our Basket Range vineyard.  With a fine balance of fresh mulberry overtones and pleasing acidity, our Rosé is the perfect accompaniment to an evening sunset.

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